Things to Keep in Mind Before & After Laparoscopic Surgery

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Laparoscopic surgery has sure become a minimally invasive procedure, stemming the rapid acceptance of laparoscopic techniques. The advancements in technologies are reflected in decreased hospital stay, improved wound healing, reduced postoperative pain, earlier return to daily activity, and improved mobility. Still, fears regarding risks, pain, recovery, etc. are common to experience. So here is a guide to make everything smooth.

Before Surgery: Preparing for Operation

•    Get your body ready by staying hydrated for at least two weeks until surgery. Drink at least ten ltr of water every day to ensure smooth surgery.

•    The surgeons usually suggest bowel preparation in the evening before surgery. You should follow a liquid diet one day before surgery to assist bowel evacuation.

•    Finish common household chores beforehand to make life easier after surgery. Wash all the bed sheets, have fresh towels available and a cupboard dedicated to post-op comfortable clothes. You can also hire an assistant to help you after surgery.

•    Burst your stress with yoga and light exercises to prepare yourself emotionally. If your anxiety levels are high, you can also take little medication to stay calm.

After Undergoing Surgery: Getting Back to Normal

•    While it is important to take rest, one should start doing day-to-day activities at home after one to two weeks. However, lifting loads should be limited to lighter objects.

•    Do not perform any strenuous housework until four weeks after the operation; it may hamper internal healing.

•    Performing light exercises like walking will facilitate recovery and speed-up healing process.

•    Postpone your travel plans during your recovery period to keep yourself from discomfort and risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). If it is unavoidable, discuss the journey plan with your doctor for suggestions.

•    It is natural to experience more tiredness after any operation, so one should not return to work until two to three weeks. However, the period may extend or reduce depending on the recovery rate, duration of work, and the type of work.

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