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Things to Keep in Mind Before & After Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has sure become a minimally invasive procedure, stemming the rapid acceptance of laparoscopic techniques. The advancements in technologies are reflected in decreased hospital stay, improved wound healing, reduced postoperative pain, earlier return to daily activity, and improved mobility. Still, fears regarding risks, pain, recovery, etc. are common to experience. So here is a guide to make everything smooth.

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Understanding Chemotherapy: A Guide for Cancer Treatment

In a human body, normally, the cells grow in an orderly way; however, some cells keep on growing in an uncontrolled fashion. The unchecked growth may result in the development of lumps called a tumour. If the tumour is malignant, it is termed as cancer. Since the discovery of the actual cause behind cancer, many treatments and surgeries were used to cut the tumour tissues in different body parts; however, the success rate remained low.

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How is Pneumatic Tube System Helping Hospitals?

Hospitals have a multitude of critical tasks that need to be performed with precision, and therefore, hospitals are becoming increasingly automated given the advanced information technology and equipment. Introducing efficiency into the healthcare system is not a new scenario in Indian cities like Mumbai, Jodhpur, Delhi, Jaipur, etc. The latest healthcare innovations such as radiology, modular operating theatre, automation, a surgical robot, etc., are readily accepted in the healthcare sector by cardiologists, neurologists, doctors, etc., and hospitals are upgrading their technology to enhance the quality of care.

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