Role of Laparoscopy in Chronic Abdominal Conditions

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There have been times where you must have felt sudden and acute pain in your lower left abdomen. A vigorous activity or a heavy meal might have caused pain in the upper abdomen. What is the cause of this sudden pain? How did this pain develop? How to treat this medical condition? Let’s find out:

What is Abdominal Pain/Condition?

Abdominal pain can range from minimal to chronic, and from sudden to longstanding, as a result of inflammation or disease in the organs surrounding abdomen. These organs include the stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc.

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Chronic abdomen pain are often recurrent and persistent, posing unique challenges for patients. Various causes of abdominal pain are;

1.         Indigestion

2.         Gallbladder Inflammation

3.         Inflammatory Bowel Disease

4.         Appendicitis

5.         Ulcer

6.         Pancreatitis

7.         Abdominal Hernia

8.         Gastroenteritis, etc.

However, the pain is not restricted to just these conditions; the causes can be far and many. As the nature and characteristics of pain is dependent on a number of factors, the medical diagnosis of the cause is quite tricky and challenging.

In case of minimal pain, the treatment entails medication and dietary changes however persistent and severe medical conditions call for a surgery for complete diagnosis.

Treatment: Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Since the day of inception, medical science is constantly striving to achieve innovation, simplification and effectiveness in its procedures. As a result, various advancements have been made in the management of chronic abdominal disorders. Although techniques like ultrasound, computed tomography scan help is clinical examination of abdominal disorders yet the diagnosis of chronic abdominal disorder remains uncertain in most cases. In such a scenario, Laparoscopy has proved to be an effective treatment for patients with chronic abdominal disorders. Over the last two decades, laparoscopy has successfully offered simple, rapid and safe diagnosis of abdominal disorders. In fact it has been 100% accurate in diagnosing intra-abdominal malignancy as well.

  1. Diagnostic laparoscopy provides the advantage of tissue diagnosis in less operative time and without significant complications.

  2. Visualization of abdominal cavity through laparoscopy helps to conduct precise targeted biopsy, fluid analysis, etc.

  3. One of the distinct advantages is that it is capable of detecting lesions of size less than 5 mm. Techniques like ultrasound and CT scan fail to scan small lesions.

  4. Laparoscopy-guided biopsy offers more accurate diagnosis than radiological guided biopsy.

Laparoscopy has undoubtedly proved to be a fantastic diagnostic modality with less inherent risks, minimal invasion and fast recovery time. Rapid advancements in the field have made this procedure highly successful in diagnosis of abdominal disorders. Ranked as the best laparoscopic surgeon in Jodhpur, Dr. Vivek Agarwal and Dr. Kamal Kant head the General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department at the Medipulse Hospital, Jodhpur. Our department is equipped with world class facilities to ensure high standards of diagnosis, treatment and research in laparoscopic surgery. Book your appointment now!