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Act early.

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Get a Health check up done at Medipulse and consult our clinicians to get the best advice on a healthier life.

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Health Packages at Medipulse

Each and every health package comes with in - depth doctor consultation and various diagnostics tests aimed to give you the best lifestyle and healthcare advice.

Select the health package that best suits your requirement.  

Important information to be kept in mind while booking a Health Check up.

Fasting and Medication: You are required to observe 10-12 hrs fasting and abstinence of alcohol. Hence it is recommended not to eat or drink after 9 pm. You can have a few sips of water. Do not consume anything which can result in holding back the actual symptoms of your health condition. Please carry your sample of urine and stool with you as per package requirement. Please carry all your previous medical records with you.

Additional test: Any additional test recommended by a doctor outside package is charged as per hospital standard rates.

Clothing: Please wear comfortable attire for the Health Checkup.

Restrictions: Pap smear test cannot be performed for females during the time of menstrual cycle 

Time: The health check-up takes approximately 3-5 hrs which includes consultation; kindly plan your day accordingly.