How to Deal With Effects of Accidental and Mental Trauma.

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Trauma is an experience of the human brain in reaction to conditions of stress that overpower our capacity to cope. It primarily results from events like violence, neglect, accidents, emergencies, war, etc., that threaten the life or integrity of the individual facing them


These events are more than merely stressful; they are terrifying, devastating, and shocking; resulting in helplessness, powerlessness, and profoundly upsetting feelings that can affect the mental balance of a person. The after effects of trauma can even be more severe and long-lasting and can reverberate throughout a person's life affecting spirituality and mentality. It is thus imperative to deal with them by becoming trauma-informed. So, let's discuss them in details.

The Negative Effects of Trauma

The effects of trauma are wide-ranging and can influence many functioning areas:

Physical Effect: Traumas resulting from accidents or emergencies can cause severe eating and sleeping disorders, headaches, anxiety, etc.,

Behavioural Effect: An individual may cause harm to himself, become vulnerable to substance abuse, gambling-related damage, isolation, and become liable to self-destruction.

Spiritual Effect: A person may feel damaged by guilt, shame, etc.

Emotional Effect: Trauma can lead to depression, vulnerability, fearfulness, emotional numbness, etc.

Cognitive Effect: A person may experience memory loss, loss of time, difficulties in making a decision, thoughts of suicide, etc.

Responding to Effects of Trauma

1.      Acknowledge that you have faced a traumatic event.

2.      Gain a better understanding of why you react in a certain way and forge strategies to deal with them.

3.      Maintain a balanced diet and try to uphold a proper sleep cycle every day to reduce the spiritual and mental effects of trauma

4.      Relax and try yoga, stretching, meditation, massage, etc. These methods are best for coming out of trauma resulting from emergencies.

5.      Whenever you feel unloved or neglected; give yourself a butterfly hug by crossing your arms. Breathe-up gently and tap for a minute or two

6.      When the trauma has resulted from accidents, give yourself a nature-break; count the number of stars, trees, feel the pleasant wind, etc.

7.      Comfort and pamper yourself with the things you love.

8.      Take up art, music, dance, or other diversions to reduce the effect of trauma on mental well-being.

9.      Do not rely on drugs or alcohol to cope up with traumatic stress.

10.  Dig your feet into the ground to feel supported and connected to the Earth

11.  Take a bubble bath, feel the running water, listen to the sound of cascading water.


If not taken care of, traumatic events can be unhealthy for an individual. Following these activities; an individual affected by trauma can remain calm and composed, and reconnected to the world.

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