Painless Delivery Is Now A Possibility

The new mom-to-be certainly experiences a mixed feeling of both excitement and anxiety. The anxiety increases as one reaches closer and closer to the due date. On a severity scale of 1 to 10, most women usually feel the pain ranging from 8 to 10. The pain can become unbearable, especially for women going through their first pregnancy. Some women go for c-section just because of the fear of labour pain.

With the latest developments and recent interventions, gone are the days where women used to suffer from extreme discomfort and severe pain. Advancements in medical science have made painless delivery a reality now.

How Does It Work?

Painless delivery is just a normal vaginal delivery without pain. It is achieved through administrating anaesthesia called epidural.

Firstly, local anaesthesia is injected to numb the region. A thin catheter is then inserted via a needle into the epidural area to deliver epidural in that specific region. In general conditions, an epidural takes 10 minutes to get placed in the body and another additional 10-15 minutes to work.

Epidurals basically interfere with the hormones and inhibit beta-endorphin production, providing effective pain relief. The lower limbs and the pelvis receive a strong yet small enough anaesthesia to feel contractions and be aware of the birth.

Who can have an Epidural?

All pregnant women can undergo delivery using this method. In addition, it is especially recommended for those who are having:

●       Complicated or prolonged labour

●       Certain medical condition like hypertension

●       Vaginal birth after caesarean section

However, women who are on blood-thinning drugs, have bleeding disorders, certain neurological disorders, or who have had lower back surgery must discuss the process with an obstetrician.

Benefits of Epidural

This method is beneficial when all other types of coping mechanism are no longer helpful in dealing with fatigue, irritability, and exhaustion. Besides, the benefits include:

●       It provides relief to pregnant women and provides enough strength to move forward as an active mother in birthing.

●       The method prevents damage of pelvic muscles that may be the case in a standard delivery.

●       The duration of childbirth also reduces with this method.

●       It becomes easier to perform c-section if needed in an emergency.

Temporary Side Effects/ Cons Associated With Epidural

●       Epidurals may cause headaches, shivering, or dizziness

●       Difficulty urinating

●       Soreness in the region where the injection is given

However, these conditions fade away with time, and the surgery does not lead to any irreversible damage or side-effects. The method remains the most sought-after delivery method.

Painless Delivery

That being said, it is a method that guarantees comfortable labour. Additionally, being prepared about the whole procedure helps; therefore, you should seek the consultation of an expert. Medipulse, regarded as the best gynaecology hospital in Jodhpur, is widely-known for adopting advanced procedures in surgeries. If you or any of your relative wants a normal painless and stress-free delivery, then you can visit us. Our department of gynecology and obstetrics houses renowned and experienced gynecologists like Dr. Jai Shree Sharma, Dr. Pushpa Mathuria, and Dr. Mili Inania. Our painless procedures have brought joy to many mothers.