Why Medipulse.


Back Again With More Determination

Anirudh is a Cath Lab technician at Medipulse Hospital. His attention to detail and consistency with quality is cherished by all. But one day, his life took a drastic turn when he felt sudden dizziness. He collapsed and was rushed to the emergency. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, after an immediate MRI at the hospital. Watch this video to know his full story.


Finding A Ray Of Light In Darkness

Panna Lal shares his heart clenching story of living through moments from complete darkness to finding a new light of hope at the end of the tunnel at Medipulse Hospital. He was at a critical stage where even his relatives gave up the hope of seeing him again. But his patience, determination to live and the efforts of our doctors kept him alive. Watch his inspiring story here.


Feature 3

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