Department of Radiodiagnosis & Interventional Radiology 

Key procedures

  • Monitored and dedicated imaging customized to patient’s symptoms & disease process with an aim to provide accurate and complete diagnosis

  • USG/Doppler of all body parts including Abdomen, Pelvis, Scrotum, Chest, Neck, Limbs, Orbits, Cranium, Joints and other small parts

  • Trans-vaginal and trans-rectal sonography

  • USG-Doppler imaging of Carotid & vertebral arteries, and limb arteries/veins

  • USG/CT Guided FNAC, Biopsy, Fluid Aspiration, Catheter Drainage procedures like PTBD, PCN, etc

  • CT/Fluoroscopy guided bone biopsy

  • Mammography and Sonomammography

  • CT & MR imaging of all body parts

  • CT & MR Angiography of all parts

  • Computed (Digital) Radiography of all parts

  • Radiographic procedures like IVU/IVP, RGU, MCU, Barium studies

  • Catheter Angiography/DSA

  • Interventional radiology services

Special/Advanced Imaging Services

  • Fetal echocardiography, Penile Doppler, Renal Doppler, Vessel mapping for Hemodialysis fistula creation, etc

  • Cardiac MRI for Function, Myocardial viability, Adenosine Stress Perfusion Cardiac MRI, Coronary CT angiography, Cardiac & thoracic Angiography for Congenital heart disease,

  • MRI defecography, CT Enteroclysis, CT virtual Colonoscopy & virtual Bronchoscopy

  • Intervention procedures in various vascular and non-vascular diseases including pain management (intra-articular steroid/anesthetic injections, nerve/celiac plexus block), Catheter directed thrombectomy & thrombolysis in DVT and acute stroke, Embolization of bleeding vessels and vascular malformations

  • Vertebroplasty

  • CT Myelography

Key Equipment & Infrastructure

  • 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner (Siemens)

  • 64-slice MDCT scanner (Siemens)

  • USG-Doppler (GE)

  • 300 mA X-ray (Computed Radiography), Mobile X-ray

  • Mammography

  • DEXA (Bone densitometry)