Key Infrastructure

  • Consultation Diagnosis and treatment

  • All Sorts of Skin, Nail and Hair diseases

  • Sexually transmitted infections and sexual problems

  • Special interest in genetic skin diseases and tropical dermatoses like cutaneous leishmaniasis and mycetoma (recent diagnostic techniques and treatment)


 Diagnostic Procedures

  • KOH preparation for confirmation of Fungal infection

  • Smears for other infection Conditions

  • Cultures – bacterial and fungal

  • Allergy tests

  • Biopsy for confirmation of diseases

  • Review of histopathology slides.

  • Allergy tests

  • Identification of causative species of mycetoma by Histopathology

Key Therapeutic Procedures (OPD)

  • Electrocautery by American Machines for Skintags etc.

  • Cryotherapy for warts.

  • Excision of moles other small growth

  • Peasl for Acne Scars & Pigmentation

  • Botox for facial Wrinkles